Photo by Twyla Jones 

Photo by Twyla Jones 


My mother always told me I was a dreamer. I grew up on the valley side of Cordoba, Argentina where I have vivid memories of my childhood. I grew up horse back riding and exploring the creeks and rivers of the country side and spent summers at the beach in Mar del Plata with my family. I moved to the States in 1994 and travelled back every summer for as long as I can remember. I always felt an unwavering connection to my birth country and I guess that's where a get my sense of wanderlust. I got my first polaroid camera when I was ten years old and was instantly drawn to documenting moments. I still have an old shoe box filled with all the photographs I took as a child and look forward to the day I get to pass them along to my own children. In 2013 I received my first DSLR which is also when my first child was born and that's when I began experimenting with photography and realized how much I loved being able to capture moments that would otherwise be forgotten. However, it wasn't into 2016 that I decided to go full time and I've been working on my craft ever since.

Did you ever have a specific memory of a favorite moment? One that takes you immediately back to that time and place? I want to document exactly that. 


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