Q: How would you describe your photography style?

A: My work has been often described as candid with a documentary aesthetic. I take pride in the perseverance of original photographs therefore I do not focus on heavily photoshopping nor do I give out RAW images. My main focus is to capture the authenticity of every moment rather than trying to force it. I will never leave you standing awkwardly, and I will guide you as needed, and that I can pinky promise! 


Q: Where are you based & do you travel? 

A: I am currently based out of Port St. Lucie, Florida which is right in the middle of Miami & Orlando. As far as travel goes, I'm constantly on the go! Head over and check out my instagram stories / highlights to see what I've been up to. Traveling to new places is what fuels my creativity, so no matter your location you can count me in!


Q: Do we get all of our photos?  

A: ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY! The only ones I won't give you are those where you're in mid-blink, have a double chin (or triple) or are just downright unflattering, because you know we all have those super awkward angles. I will however, give you all of the usable images for you to swoon over for the rest of forever. I typically deliver around 400-800 images, all depending on the amount of hours I've been contracted and the flow of your day. 


Q: What's your basic turnaround time? 

A: While I do my very best to try & get your photographs delivered to you as quickly as possible, I quote between 4-8 weeks for Elopements & Weddings while documentary session turnarounds are 2-4 weeks. Turnarounds usually depend on the time of the year (work load and or if I'm running around chasing my two children under the age of 5, ha!) #momlife


Q: Is Lodging and Travel included in your pricing? 

A: It isn't, but the good news is, I'm super flexible. For out of state weddings I require flight, rental car, & accommodation reimbursements (or I'm totally cool with crashing on your couch, spare room or just camping out in your backyard--SMORES & SLEEPOVERS!!!) 


Q: Budget.What if I can't afford you but I REALLY want YOU. 

A: Here's the deal, money isn't the easiest to talk about and I totally get that everyone has a budget. This is my full time job, and it's how I put food on the table for myself & my two babies (not to mention health insurance, 401k, etc). The good news is, I'm an open book. Please be transparent about your specific needs and I will do my best to fulfill them. Don't allow your finances to be the reason you end up settling! 


 Q: We feel a connection, now how do we book? 

A: Super duper easy! After we've had a chance to chat (via email, phone or Skype) you'll receive a contract and be billed with a 30% retainer in order to reserve your date. Once both contract and retainer are in, that date will be exclusively yours & together we can begin the exciting process. 


**I also speak Spanish fluently so don't fret if you're worried about a language barrier! hablo espaniol con fluidez.