Adam & Louina//Captiva Island adventure session

These two. I can't say enough about how electric their energy was. They contacted me while they were vacationing on Captiva Island and I jumped at the opportunity to photograph them, of course. Something else we did which was super fun was shooting in the middle of the day (we began around 3pm) and although I rarely shoot in harsh light we had limited time and so we made it work. We endured the 98% Florida heat and towards the end the unbearable swarm of no-see-ums that attacked us and they somehow still managed to look like models. Speaking of models, Louina is currently a finalist for the America's Miss World Pageant which obviously made photographing her so incredibly flawless, and Adam, well he was right there with her. You can see the passion they have for one another and it was very apparent in the way they photographed. Hope you all enjoy these! 

David & Alyse //Adventure session

David & Alyse, I really can't say enough about how awesome these two humans are. David, a well known & loved Pastor in our town, which btw, is by far the raddest most laid back Pastor I've ever met and his insanely beautiful wife Alyse were an absolute blast to photograph. They are the type of people who you can't help but feel stoked around because they are legit ALWAYS smiling. I'm pretty sure I nearly scolded them a couple of times during the shoot and told them to "be serious and don't smile so much" to try and capture a few more intimate moments. Well, that didn't work so well because there was no way I was going to wipe the smiles off their faces and I won't ever complain about that! Couple goals? they were just that. Hope you enjoy these. David & Alyse, thank you for being so darn photogenic and just all around rad! 

Birds + Black skies // Childhood

Twyla Jones and I decided to stop by the Island jetty side In Ft Pierce and we chased black clouds and birds. I'd say it was the perfect summer afternoon. I'd also like to say that there were no children harmed in the taking of these images, haha! I really enjoy doing personal shoots because it allows me to get completely creative and it refreshes my mind. Now I need to work on getting the rest of 50 images off my hard drive & make time to edit personal stuff, but until then, I hope you enjoy these!