Photography to me, is a complete expression of emotions and art.  

 I'll start by saying that I'm an observer. I like watching and waiting (pause, I promise I'm not as creepy as I sound) to see how connections unfold before my eyes and its something I find truly magical. I feel I am  given the opportunity to tell your story in the most natural form and a place where documenting imagery that will make you feel is my main goal. I am truly interested in who you are and what sets your soul on fire. Although my work is mainly focused on fostering authentic moments, it doesn't mean I won't guide you throughout the session. I'm super clumsy & you'll most likely see me trip over my own two feet on multiple occasions and that's where I take advantage & capture those genuine laughs you see in some of my work (true story). I've also been known to make random pit stops on my way to a session because I spotted a rad spot and felt the need to take a photo op. Yay for spontaneity and being a little random! I also speak Spanish fluently so don't fret if you're worried about a language barrier! hablo espaniol con fluidez.

So, if you trust in my vision, and all of the above sounds like your type of experience I will make you one promise.I will pour my heart and soul into documenting you and what makes up your story and I will make it an unforgettable one.