Sailboat Gypsies Ty & Heather //Hutchinson Island lifestyle session

Ever dream about living aboard a sailboat and getting to travel the world with no attachments? Well, these two gypsies are doing exactly that. Ty and heather and their two beautiful children moved back home to Florida after living in Hawaii for the last 10 years when they decided to sell their home and every last bit of their belongings and purchase a sailboat, how's that for minimalism?

 We spent the afternoon just hanging out, drinking wine, sharing stories, aka me asking them about 500 questions about living life aboard and just enjoying the ocean breeze and warm sunshine. I can't say I've been more impressed with the way of life they decided to pursue, most people these days would have a difficult time making the leap and these two decided to just go for it. I was so stoked to get the opportunity to document a fraction of their typical summer afternoon and even more so getting to connect with them on so many levels. Ty + Heather, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share a glimpse into your daily life, you guys are incredible to say the least and can't wait to hang with you soon!