Lauterbrunnen, all I can say is WOW, I was completely blow away by the charm of this magical little town. Nico (my bf & videographer) and I decided the no matter rain, shine or full blown snow storm that we would make the best of the day & make it to the summit. So we set up to the hillside of the Schilthorn via cable car then took the train and headed up the mountain. With the Alps as our backdrop we were over the moon stoked. Once we stepped off the train it was like instant winter wonderland, and so much more beautiful than we could have imagined it would be. Yasser & Melanie were incredibly open minded and up for the adventure. Although we most definitely did not anticipate to receive the amount of the snow that we did, we were all surprised but grateful! Once we reached the summit at 9,740ft it was just purely magical. The last set of images were taken the day prior in and around the village of Lauterbrunnen. If you have any questions on visiting or planning an Elopement in the dead middle of winter, I can provide you with ALL of the information just head on over to my contact page.

Here is a behind the scenes shot so you can get a better perspective of just HOW MUCH snow coverage there was!