How Instagram Helped Grow My Business



Ahhh, that little app we all seem to have a love/hate relationship with, Instagram. Did you know that Instagram has over 1 BILLION users? YES, 1 billon. Of those, usually around 400-500 million use this app every single day. That’s A LOT of people who you could be potentially connecting with. I’m also well aware of the not so joyful aspect of this app and so I definitely have a love/hate relationship with it myself. However, if used correctly and efficiently it can be a powerful tool for you and your business. One thing that I love is the connection between me and my followers and how it feels completely authentic compared to any other social platform. I have meet so many IRL (in real life) friends via this app and my business has doubled in income since the use of Instagram and the introduction to stories features. So, HOORAY for Instagram for being an incredible platform!

OK so, first things first, figuring out what exactly you want to achieve from using Instagram for your Business is the very first step. Below are my top 5 tips!

Tip 1. Get Crystal Clear on your demographic

Knowing exactly who your ideal customer is, what your brand stands for and what you’re hoping to achieve can bring focus to your feed and how you are representing yourself in your business. Not having a set focus will put off existing followers and will leave people feeling a disconnect with your content and therefore unfollow you. I have personally experienced this with a significant amount of research that I have done with my own clients. Everything I post in my stories whether professional or personal is aimed towards my followers.

Tip 2. Creating CTA’s (Call to Actions)

Holy moly this is a BIG one. This was a huge game changer for me! You need to give the audience a reason to. A reason to take the action you want. Are you being real and transparent? Being mindful of not coming off robotic and instead focusing on something that reflects you and your brand. Using active language when doing promotions such as “buy now” “swipe up” and “register now” are all phrases that will persuade your audience. I also began leveraging all my other social media platforms to get my audience to come follow me on Instagram and that also helped me grow my audience tremendously. I added buttons and links from my website, I also use Facebook stories. There are a ton of more CTA’s you can implement but these are some of the easiest ones I use myself.

Tip 3. Get PERSONAL!

Alright, so this one seems a little daunting because blending both the professional and personal worlds can seem uneasy. However, it doesn't need to feel that way, and there are many benefits to doing so. I have found that for me personally it has helped resonate with my audience once I began integrating both and making my account seem like more of a “personal business account.” Showing who you are behind the scenes, what you’re about and the “face” behind your brand will help deepen the relationships with your community. I can’t tell you the amount of clients that have reached out to me on a personal level telling me how much they love seeing my face/voice pop up! Brand recognition is a real things folks and when your audience hears your voice they are subconsciously visualizing who you are (tip compliments of my psychology minor before photography, ha!) In marketing, they say you need at least 7 touches before someone makes a move, so get personal and start making moves!

Tip 4. Building Trust

This one is up there with getting personal. I think it’s super smart to remember that just because someone starts following you doesn’t mean that they automatically want to buy from or work with you. In order to cross that boundary you’re going to have to gain their trust first. We live in a world of disconnect (ironically, thanks to social media) but providing a sense of who you are with showing behind the scenes of yourself and your business gives a sense of connection. It isn’t just about posting photos of yourself, or showing up in peoples stories, it’s about providing a “why”, why should people follow you? What type of value are you providing your followers? If you follow me you already know I use my love of yoga/meditating, being in nature, my plants, a day in the life of my children, my love for travel, my long distance relationship and my vegan lifestyle. Of course, I make sure I post the realest moments as well so people can relate and know that I too, am human and have my fears, doubts and emotions just like everyone else. I am open, and vulnerable and embrace who I am through and through and I want my clients to know that about me.

Tip 5. Change your ATTITUDE and the way you look at social media

YES, you read that right. I left this one for last because, it’s by far the most important. Are you always talking about how much you hate Instagram and social media? If so, it’s time to STOP. I admit, I was guilty of that too. But guess what? My account (and therefore my engagement) began declining and I went through periods of just not posting anything at all. I was literally manifesting so much negativity around social media and it was affecting every aspect of my business. Once I was able to get out of my funk, I was able to shift my focus off the negative and begin choosing the POSITIVES. Instagram has been a huge tool and resource in helping me grow my business in the following ways: I’ve made and met SO many incredible people that I’ve built an on going friendship with including clients, other photographers, Artists, business owners of all types and also reconnecting with old friends. I’ve also attracted my dream clients which has enabled me to travel to some of the most incredible locations in the world. Last but not least, growth. Instagram has helped me grow so much both professionally and personally and I’m so thankful I can look back on my content and see that growth.

Ok guys, there you have it! My top 5 Tips on how you can Utilize Instagram to help grow your business. The most important thing to remember is that taking the first step is the hardest! Set time aside, and be intentional about what you post and you’ll find yourself less overwhelmed about social media because you have a plan layed out. Results will come, but not without taking that first step!

If you’re interested in learning the detailed version on navigating social media, I offer in depth Mentor sessions on social media marketing, just visit my info page and fill out my request form! See you there!!