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Nick & Maddie // Rocky Mountains Nation Park Pre-Wedding Portraits // Colorado Wedding photographer //Rocky Mountain National Park

Nick & Maddie,

Together we set out on the adventure to attempt to get some pre wedding portraits at Rocky Mountain National Park, even though the weather called for strong winds, rain and possibly snow. We spent the morning and afternoon trailing through the entire park beginning with Trail ride road, then Loveland pass and all the way up to 3m curve, it was the most incredible day!

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Russell & Shelly // Southern Georgia Plantation Wedding //Georgia wedding photographer

Silence. The quite moments leading up to Russell & Shelly's Wedding day were exactly as serene as they appear. The weather forecast was a high of 65 and sunny and we couldn't have gotten luckier. We spent the morning really taking our time, enjoying the smell of fresh pine that surrounded the plantation, listening to the birds chirping outside the window sill and embracing all of the emotions that lead up to finally being united and becoming one.  

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