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Geo & Daisy // Afternoon in Paris //Destination photographer

Geo & Daisy,

Can you believe how super rad these two are? We roamed around the streets of Paris and they braved the negative temps and we somehow made it happen in less than 30 minutes. Looking at them you wouldn’t be able to tell just how cold it was. I kid you not, it began snowing five minutes after we finished our shoot. I’m so happy we were able to connect, Paris was truly unforgettable. Check out out their insta, it’s pretty amazing!

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Andres & Rachel // Ancient Spanish Monastery Engagement//destination photographer

I can't believe it's been an ENTIRE year since I've blogged. (<---insert crying emoji) Since then I've clearly been busier than EVER before. Go check out my If you don't believe me, haha! The good news is, I'm finally back to blogging and within the next few weeks I'll catching up a ton! Now to my amazing couple, Andres' & Rachel. 

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Adam & Louina//Captiva Island adventure session

These two. I can't say enough about how electric their energy was. They contacted me while they were vacationing on Captiva Island and I jumped at the opportunity to photograph them, of course. Something else we did which was super fun was shooting in the middle of the day (we began around 3pm) and although I rarely shoot in harsh light we had limited time and we absolutely made it work!

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David & Alyse //Adventure session

Adventure sessions at the jetty are always my favorite. David, a well known & loved Pastor in our town, which btw, is by far the raddest most laid back Pastor I've ever met and his insanely beautiful wife Alyse were an absolute blast to photograph. They are the type of people who you can't help but feel stoked around because they are legit ALWAYS smiling.

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