Paula’s Philosophy

Storytelling, it’s perhaps my most favorite form of documentation. telling a story not only unites you, but also allows me to draw inspiration from all the things around me.

I am completely moved by the moments that happen when you aren’t looking, those in which are more often than not overlooked. Being mindful of everything around you, and realizing that it’s all a part of you. I draw inspiration from all things natural, being and doing anything outdoors, walking barefoot, laying on a blanket on a chilly afternoon in the sun, brushing my children hair from their faces, freedom, a cup of tea by the windowsill, watching someone smile when you talk to them, belly laughing about old memories, watching a favorite movie for the hundredth time, deep conversations about life, motherhood, connections between humans, buying local, meeting artists and like minded individuals, traveling, finding light pockets, listening to the birds chirp on a spring morning, a rain day…and i could go on. I appreciate individuality and find beauty in everything authentic. I prefer moments & mood over technically correct and posed. I want to document your story, gather all of the details about it and be able to say I played a tiny part of everything that makes you who you are.


All photographs above taken by my talented friend, Twyla Jones.